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How does the plugin work?

The plugin modifies Chrome so that certain portions of specified sites are not shown. At present, the plugin hides the name and face of guests requesting to stay with Airbnb hosts.
Standard Airbnb site Airbnb site as viewed with the Debias Yourself plugin installed

The plugin also removes Airbnb users' names and photos from most of the rest of the Airbnb site -- letting users focus on substance, like listing characteristics and review text, without risking discrimination based on irrelevant personal details.

Why did you create this tool?
We enjoy using a variety of online platforms, but we are struck by the many ways they could be even better. Platforms don’t always make changes in the public’s interest, or even a user’s interest. In these situations, third party changes can be in the public interest. Our browser plugin offers a vision of some changes that we propose.

Is this legal?
We’re just changing the way your browser shows the Airbnb site—telling your browser not to show certain text and images. That isn’t quite what Airbnb intended, but it’s your computer, and it’s your right to configure it as you see fit.

Why does the plugin support only Chrome?
We’re planning to support other web browsers shortly. We began with a Chrome plugin because Chrome’s architecture made it easy to develop this tool, test its features, and respond to users.

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